Can anyone give me some pointers on how to become better at Track sports??

by track sports, i mean events such as the 100m sprint, 400m relay, high jump, and long jump
please help me! I'm a freshmen in highschool, and when i saw how some of the juniors and seniors ran, i can't help but feeling just a little discouraged.

any help works! :)

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hunter386 years ago
WORK AT IT like doing pushups and situps and do lots of running, do what you do( if you run go running every morning)
tirth57 years ago
You could do toe-ups. Its like push ups but you go up and down on your tippy toes. This will really build calf muscles.
osi7 years ago
What I do to get in shape for soccer is to jog the turns and sprint the straits on a regular track. After doing this about 5 times I would do hill charges (run up a hill, then walk down) I think this really only helps with endurance but maybe that extra bit of endurance will help you keep you at your top speed longer. I have never participated in track so I don't know if it helps with track, but it does wonders in soccer.

To increase speed, run down a steep hill. Do it time and time again. Try to go faster each time. It will increase your coodination and ability to 'push' yourself also your confidence in yourself. Good luck!
Wolf Seril8 years ago

That was a joke.

Really though, keep going to practice every day, get plenty of rest and eat well. Ask your coach if there are any drills you can do outside of practice to help improve, and always ask what you can do to get better. Re-design's idea of beating people who are just a little better than you is pretty solid. Good luck.
Re-design8 years ago
THey have 2-3 years on you.  They've been growing all that time.  They've been practicing at least that much longer than you have.

A lot of practice and some extra attention from your coach or trainer to make sure you're using your body in the most efficient way and you'll make improvements too.

Pick someone that is just a little better than you and make it your goal to beat them.  When you do pick someone else.  That way you have an indication of your improvement.  If you make it your goal to be the fastest guy at first you have no indication of improvement.

Try it it works.
knexsniper1 (author)  Re-design8 years ago
wow, thank you! do you have any training exercises that work?
jtp1398 years ago
the only thing that will work is if you practice all the time...there's no magic fix