Can anyone help convert a group of 4-8 .VOB files in total 4GB to one 700MB .AVI file...???

i want to convert a group of 4-8 .VOB (4GB in total) files to a single 700mb .AVI file i tried to convert 1 file to avi it was a 1GB file, but the converter made it 11GB, help

lemonie8 years ago
The VOB files which you got off a DVD are in a compressed-format, you have converted them to an uncompressed format, so now you need to recompress them again so you can burn the DVD?
An alternative question would be "what's the best way to copy DVDs?"
Have a look at (for example)

Try HandBrake:

It's free and one of the most powerful video converters out there.
nfarrow8 years ago
take a look at very good software ;)