Can anyone help i toke my pc apart and cant get it back together...

the power went out during a storm when it come back on my pc didn't. stupidly i toke it apart thinking it could be the fuse. now its ALL APART and i need to know how to put it back together. its a gateway lp mini tower tb3 performance 500

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lemonie8 years ago
"I've fallen over and I can't get up"
Start with the mainboard (the biggest one). I really hope you haven't taken the cooler and CPU off this...
Try to work out how it fits in the case and see if you can get it screwed in. The ports & sockets should help you align this.
Do the same with the power-supply, then find where the power supply connects to the board. Now it gets tricky, if you pulled off all the switch connections you won't know how to power it up...
Read the mainboard for a model / part number printed on it in big letters and Google it, in conjunction with the word "manual"
Once you've got that far reply to one of these comments.

Rockerx8 years ago
Oy, why would you do that? Nah, anyway. How "apart" is it? Completely? As in every circuit board has but unhooked and separated and whatnot? Or just you opened the case and maybe remove a few things like a video card or sound card?
gmxx8 years ago

or any of the "how to build a computer instructables" it should be the same basic steps
ReCreate8 years ago
Show me a picture of the mess, I will tell you how to put it back together.
aaon8 years ago
While I cannot help with this particular system I do have some words of advice. Do you own a camera? Whether it be still or video? Next time you take on a project such as this take pictures with each step. This way if you get tired, stop, or forget you can just go through your pictures and re-assemble your project. Do you have any photos of the system currently apart?