Can anyone help me build a drumset rack out of PVC pipe??I have the main idea but the side arms seem a little weak...?

The Idea is to emulate the racks from electronic drums like Roland or Yamaha. I just can't seem to make a strong side bar to hold the floor tom. and any suggestions on what to use to hold the toms (like an L bracket) will be appreciated.

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frollard7 years ago
Triangles.  Use 45 degree T joints to make as many triangles as you can rather than using 90 degree t joints alone......

Everything pictured can be built with 90 degree T's and 45 degree T joints.  If a 45 degree offset + joint exists (I'm sure it does) then it would be ideal for the vertical leg supports that go to the base of each foot.  If they dont exist then using 2 separate 45 t's would work.
In the picture:  red = 45, green = 45 '+' (shaped like a psi ψ) and black intersections are regular 90 degree joints.
doggyd69b (author)  frollard7 years ago
I have no problem with the front of the rack only the two extensions that would hold the snare drum and the floor tom. I will try those 45 degree joints I'm sure those will work. Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I wish I thought of that before.
I will post the finished (or almost finished product once I get to that point) and if everything holds up just fine then I will proceed to paint and make it presentable. It has been snowy and cold so I don't really want to work outside too much. so it might take a while before I paint it.
I know the feeling - unable to diy in the kitchen because of snow :(
Re-design7 years ago
Using PVC you are going to have to run some supports from the outside to the floor.  You'll never be able to make pvc stiff enough to cantilever (look it up) and hold much weight, especially when you start banging on your drum.  If you made it out of metal pipe you might be able to do it.
doggyd69b (author)  Re-design7 years ago
Actually the PVC pipes are surprisingly sturdy, they will not bent at the lenght needed for that rack. but the side arms (snare and floor tom) will need some type of extra support because of the tipes of drums i'm using, if I was using roland pads I would be ok. but wood toms are a lot heavier...