Can anyone help me deal with a bully? **URGENT** (He wants to beat me up)

I need help dealing with a bully, he is in my gym class.  Yesterday he "accidentally tackled me" in flag football.  The gym teacher wouldn't do anything about it (my dad says the gym teacher was a bully when he was a kid).  Today he said, "Should I accidentally trip on Mike?".  I asked him if I should accidentally blow my nose on him.  Well, needless to say, that made him really ticked and he shoved me the rest of the class period.  Later that day my friend overheard him saying he was going to beat me up if I didn't stop being cocky.  I fail to see why I should let him walk all over me.  Anyone have any ideas?

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blkhawk6 years ago
Insist on having your teacher and even your school administration to intervene. Your parents also should go to school and show the faculty and other staff how concern they are. Schools are obligated to deal with bullying and help you feel safe. Do not antagonize the bully and do not engage in a fight with him. Do not feed the cycle of violence but do defend yourself if cornered by the bully. Sometimes law enforcement might be involved if the bullying do not stop. I wish you the best!
+1 Totally!
As a passing comment:

1 your school have a duty of care to you to protect you and ensure you are working in a safe and comfortable environment. press them to make sure this happens.

2. IF it should happen that this bully does take physical action against you then they are committing an assault and should be reported to the police & your school - get your parents involved.

3. Bullies often exist on the power of their threats. They like to see people afraid rather then actually take physical action.

4. Petty bullying should be handled by your school. It may require a STRONG complaint from your parents to get this actioned.

5. If you fight back in any way other than to defend yourself then you will be in the wrong.
That's the right answer: Don't retaliate, which is ineffective; insist that the system do what it's designed to do.If the gym teacher won't address the problem, go past the gym teacher and talk to another teacher whom you trust and/or the principal.

There is NEVER an excuse for bullying.

On the other hand, don't taunt either. That just encourages him.

The single nastiest thing you can do to him is refuse to play his game.
I agree with both answers above.

I did it the wrong way and hit several bullies with heavy implements (I mean who picks on someone who is holding a wrench? bad bully move)...

Take it to the admins, councellor, in-school-officer, your parents, the teacher again.

It's crap and you don't have to put up with it.
Listen, get together with your friends and if he continues to give you this sh**, SMASH HIM AND LET HIM HAVE IT.
p.s Please don't take this the wrong way, do this in self defence only!
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You are an entire grade late my fine friend.
What exacly do you mean furrysalamander? (nice bird!)
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in april.
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Check out the date this was posted.
lemonie6 years ago

Hmm, if you're going to be "cocky" and talk back to the guy be prepared to get physically engaged (a surprise head-butt often works)

If you don't want one of you to get smacked, don't deal with his crap in that way. There are other ways of handling "Should I accidentally trip on Mike?", such as "You should do it deliberately or not at all".

What's his problem with you anyway?


I concur with blkhawk and ork'
furrysalamander (author)  lemonie6 years ago
IDK, he just is a loser. I mean, a lot of kids think he's cool, but a lot of kids think he's a loser. But then again, he's not the only one who dislikes me, but at least the other kids aren't mean.

He's dysfunctional (got problems).
If you can avoid winding the guy up, which may be difficult, that's probably the most you can do.

furrysalamander (author)  lemonie6 years ago
got anymore comebacks?

I will not suggest anything, but taking a calm position that says "what is your problem with me?" is often better with someone who is tending towards being aggressive. This is because they have problems with themselves, not you. Them thinking about it can remind them of this, and they may well decide to stop (else they'd look foolish).

ARJOON6 years ago
there was one in my class who was bullying me until i've put some piriton pills in his juice bottle and an empty liquor bottle under his desk. that was quite entertaining
caarntedd6 years ago
In addition to all the answers below, take some small comfort in the fact that the bully is the way he/she is because of their own problems/inadequacies. You only need to put up with them for a while. They will have problems for the rest of their life if they don't get help. Be the bigger person and don't succumb to their ways.