Can anyone help me figure this out? I'm not good with arrows.

I have a homemade PVC bow and the drawstring is 36 inches. Anyone know how long the arrows should be and how you determine how long the arrows should be based on the lenngth of the draw. 

bwrussell4 years ago
They have to be longer than the draw. Start by building one at the min length. If it doesn't work build one an inch or two longer, etc.

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Jayefuu4 years ago
Pull back the bow as far as you can manage. Get someone to measure the distance from the middle of the string to the middle of the pipe. Add a little.
quatch Jayefuu4 years ago
At the longest: From the base of your thumb, arm outstretched sideways (in line with your shoulders) to your opposite ear, plus a few inches.
Your arrow should only have a little bit of room between the bow and the arrow head when the bow is fully drawn. I don't know if there is an exact standard for how much of the arrow should be sticking out the front of the bow when drawn. I think its more a matter of personal preference.