Can anyone help me get a "pancake" brush less DC motor working ?

The motor worked when it was in the VCR.  Now I took it out and have no clue how to get it running.  The driver circuit has two main parts, an AN3826NK (which is a 28 pin IC) and a PUA 3228, along with various capacitors and what I believe is a hall effect sensor (part marked as "tf35213f3").  The brand of the VCR is Panasonic, but I don't have a model #.   Can it be run again?

lemonie7 years ago
It the driver circuit intact, and can you see where the power connects?

aeronut01 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Unfortunately, there are about 14 connections on the connector head, so no.
rickharris7 years ago
With no brushes what you have is effectively a stepper motor. It needs a driver chip OR a microprocessor to drive it.

Many RC suppliers will be able to provide a brush less ESC which may help
Re-design7 years ago
Not with out figureing out  the driver circuit.  or atleast finding a sub. circuit.  Brushless dc motors have to have a driver circuit.