Can anyone help wih robot hands?

I am wanting to make a robotic hand that senses a Flex sensor and then uses, preferably, picaxe components... Any suggestions, help, hints, anything would be greaty appreciated :)


AndyGadget5 years ago
Are you looking to make a Waldo?  (i.e. a robot hand which copies the movements of you hand.  Using the flex sensor to sense the bending of your fingers is quite simple - You'd simply use the sensor with a resistor as in the 'basic flex sensor circuit' but without the buffer, and connect it to an analogue input of the PicAxe.  A resistance of 10K for R2 would give you an A to D output of 10 to 128 or so for 0 to 90 degree bend. READADC is the command to read the ADC pins.

Replicating this movement on a robot hand would need servos, which you'd control using the PicAxe SERVO and SERVOPOS commands. There would need to be some translation in the code between the input sensor values and the output servo values which could be done with a look-up table or by maths.

The electronics side of this is fairly simple.  It's the mechanical build which would be challenging here, but there's a good example of something similar HERE.
thomas9666 (author)  AndyGadget5 years ago
Wow... thanks alot... I'll check this out in further detail tommorrow :) thanks
Kiteman5 years ago
There are a few animatronic hand projects on the site, just pop up to the search box, top-right of every page.
thomas9666 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Most of them are string attached to rings that are manually pulled or arduino... But thanks for answering :)