Can anyone help with a simple cell phone jammer?

I am a teacher and was wondering if anyone had simple cell phone jammer that I could use in the classroom to stop student phones being useable in class time.

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According to Wikipedia, active cell phone jammers are legal for jails to use. But New Zealand's and other countries' law generally does not look kindly on radio interference. In the US, enforcement is rather lax, but one could get hit with an $11,000 fine or a year in prison for the first offense.

However, a Faraday cage made of loose wire mesh, chicken wire, or aluminized Mylar would be entirely passive, and most likely legal in any country.
I have an experience to share with you guys. Once I was in a remote place, my signal in my phone got jammed, i thought the problem would be with my service provider. After coming back home i gave black and blues to my customer care highlighting my issue. They pleaded me saying that the problem is not with them. Then i browsed through the search engine regarding my issue, i got a remedy for my cell phone, there i came to know the problem called signal jamming that is experienced in most cell phones. They have a product called cell phone jammer could be very useful to get rid of these problems. Check out the details here cell phone jammer and hope this information would be beneficial. Hope that u would pass this information to all your friends, so that they too would benefited, Stay safe, Cheers
Its perfectly legal if you use it in a private setting. The only thing you cannot jam is radio waves, which lead to the forementioned fines.
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I think it‘s necessary for the teacher to use the cell phone jammer in the classroom in order to make the students focus on the class!!!With the help of a cell phone jammer in the classroom, teachers can teach students without the distraction of ringing cell phones, or the intimidation between students by a new social problem termed 'cyber bullying'. Wanna to know more info of such a device?espow will be a good choice。
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google yapper zapper. its a mini cell phone jammer

phone jammer
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 I so wish that cell jammers were legal! Wow....The funny pranks you could play...hahahha...

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A Faraday Cage would work as a passive cell jammer. Putting a metal mesh or screen on the walls could block the frequencies used by cells. The frequencies blocked depend on the size of the holes in the screen. This is why you can watch the food being cooked by a microwave oven without being cooked yourself!
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. It's a trivial Google search. add +circuit or +DIY, if appropriate. I don't know about NZ, but they are illegal in the US. . Just make a rule that they are not to be used during class. Disciplinary measures as needed. A few ppl get kicked out of class or fail a test and the rest will get the msg.