Can anyone identify the ic used in Walmart chasing led icicles?

I bought a bunch of these Walmart chasing led icicle light sets after Christmas and was hoping to hack them to have more functions like other lights with slow fade, etc.  The ic has no markings to indicate what it is so I am attaching a picture of the front and back of the pcb. 

Picture of Can anyone identify the ic used in Walmart chasing led icicles?
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aelias366 years ago
Yeah, no markings means we can't know what it is. Although, why do you need to know what the chip is? How will it help you hack it?

I recommend you to just use an Arduino in place of the chip.
This might sound weird, but try dabbing a paper towel in some ethanol, then gently rubbing this against the top of the ic. Sometimes they ink or paint over the writing, and the ethanol will remove this.
ARJOON6 years ago
maybe a decade counter idk u s3aid led chas3ing icicle
Or shift register, which would tend to be my guess if it's a simple running-light effect.
frollard6 years ago
Look at it with a steep angled dim light. Try different colours of light - looks like something is there.
I think I'll have to disagree. Try looking at the original sized photo.
orksecurity6 years ago
Not without seeing the number on it, no.