Can anyone identify this? Not pipe vice and not book binder.

Picture of Can anyone identify this? Not pipe vice and not book binder.
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At first I thought it was a Vintage Vulcanizer

Then I found it.


You make false teeth with it.

You have to scroll down quite a bit on the second one.

Kudos to you, an excellent find! I would never have come to the conclusion of a denture press no matter how long I looked at it :-p

I thought it was a vulcanizer clamp at first but when I looked at the images I found the denture press that looked exactly the same.

My dad used to have one of those - his grandfather was a dentist (and one of the first restorative dentists in England. I very vaguely remember visiting him when I was very small, and he was very old (80's, then) He did all his own dental lab work - stuff that dentists farm out to independent shops now. We had LOADS of dental gear when he closed up shop in the early 1970s

I bet if you held onto it and sold it today, you could buy a house.

Yonatan247 months ago


Could be an apple press or a million other things...

Downunder35m7 months ago

We used similar tools to seat bearings and their mounts.
On the threaded spindle should be an attachment to fit the bearing or tunbe to push in.
But most of the time we just used a flat plate for this to save time changing attachments.

I once made a similar looking tool to crack nuts :-)

petercd7 months ago

Printing press for linocut blocks, needs a foot at the bottom of the threaded rod to prevent damage to the back of the wood block, which is pressed down onto an inked linocut placed on top of paper and wood backing.

iceng petercd7 months ago