Can anyone identify this bayonet?

I have a (probably) WWII-era bayonet that I would like identified. The dimensions are as follows:
Overall length: 17.75"
Blade length: 11.50"
Handle length: 5.25"
Blade width:.875"
Blade thickness:.25"
Handle: Wood scales epoxied to skeletonized metal tang
Sheath: Olive green paint on metal

I would like to know the type (i.e. m1942), era, and any other relevant info.  

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Burf6 years ago
Its definitely a German Mauser bayonet or derivative. Here's one almost identical to yours;
I is a contract mauser bayonet made in another country than Germany. Google the bayonette and you will find pages of markings. I have on like it I can't idenify I'll have to post it. It has no markings other that serial number on pommel, and blade is in parade white and has never been sharpened.
werewolf9005 years ago
I don't think it's a Bayonet it looks more like a Dagger.
t-thug5 years ago
is it one they used in the old days on their rifles for close range cuz that slit looks like where the slide them on the rifles
looks like one for a mauser rifle
sasarchiver6 years ago
no doubt the number is its issue number. its along blade, not many bayonets are.
The number typically matches the mouser rifle it was issued with. The receiver will typically have a serial number on it, and the the bolt, bayonet, and other major parts will have either the full number, or like the last four digits engraved on the part.

if you had a complete set of parts, all matching, then the rifle is worth more to a collector.

Unfortunately, frequently the bolts were removed and locked up to render the rifles useless, and they didn't always make it back into the right one. Besides the value, there sometimes can be head-space issues.
ASCAS5 years ago
I am pretty sure it is a "WWII Mauser Kar-98k German rifle bayonet". Th only difference is the rope thingy that surrounds the handle.

Check This Link:
ASCAS ASCAS5 years ago
Oh sorry, I mean the partial wood handle.
Gopal Dey6 years ago
Mighty Knife, hope it cuts vegetables quite gud :) lol
black hole (author)  Gopal Dey6 years ago
Nope, it's blunt as a butter knife.
The WWII Mauser Kar-98k German rifle bayonet,metal sheath with skull cracker on the end. Hope it helped :)
ilpug6 years ago
It is sharp.
Tye 96 years ago
LOL!! My great-granddad had one of these He got from a German rifle after D-day!!
I own the same bayonet but yours has a modified grip, its to an old WWII german rifle bayonet. The Sheath should be all metal with a skull cracker on the tip. Mine is still covered in packing grease from the manufaturer but I will try and get the rifles model number for you. I remember it was used on an old bolt action 7.62 x 54.
K 98 Mauser. Packs a hefty Kick.
sasarchiver6 years ago
def a german WW2 bayonet. its slim design is to go through ur ribs and cause internal damage, after a little rigggling around.
cashell016 years ago
look like a WW1 allied trench bayonet

u should bring it to a knife maker or weapons historian
mrslovacek6 years ago
It is definitely a W.W.1 Mauser bayonet. The wood scales are not original, they have been replaced at some point in time. Originally the scales had two rivets in them.

As Buff previously mentioned, your bayonet may have been manufactured in Spain, Austria, Italy or Germany. Furthermore, many countries used Mauser rifles during W.W.1. For instance, my bayonet was Turkish issue.

Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Turkey, Sweden are a few of many countries that used the Mauser rifle and bayonet.
black hole (author)  mrslovacek6 years ago
That seems to be the closest match I've found yet. However, when I looked it up, I only found one that had a handguard/muzzle ring like this mine (top pic) but the blade was shorter, but with a longer ricasso (middle pic). The handle was identical, as was the sheath (bottom) from another pic. Is it possible that this is a 'custom' type thing? Made from the parts of different bayonets?
I maybe wrong, but I think you may have a modified Czech bayonet vz.24.

You can see an example in this link:
black hole (author)  mrslovacek6 years ago
In the second picture, everything looks the same except the blade appears to be twisted around so that the edge is facing up. The sheath is the twin to mine, even down to the ball at the end and the color of the paint. This is getting more and more interesting!
Another website showing the vz.24 bayonet:
Burf6 years ago
It looks like a WWII German Mauser bayonet. It may have been manufactured in Spain, Austria, Italy or Germany.
black hole (author)  Burf6 years ago
Maybe, but I remember finding out what it was 2-3 years ago, and I'm 95% sure it's and US bayonet.
Burf black hole6 years ago
I'm not an expert on bayonets but I've never seen a standard issue U.S. bayonet with wood scales that were not attached with mechanical fasteners and the pommel is unlike any I've ever seen on a G. I. bayonet. And even more telling is the lack of a U.S. marking on the blade, usually near the bolster. I still think it is most likely a Mauser derivative of some sort.
black hole (author)  Burf6 years ago
The wood handles might be a replacement, they're pretty rough. Looks like they were hand made. As for the US markings, there might have been some, but the area near the bolster looks scratched, like it was worn or ground away.
bateriab6 years ago
it is a knife,
seandogue6 years ago
I'm not expert but it could be from a US-army M1-Garand.
Not sure but this is a guess. It appeares to be one from an AK-47 but it's hard to tell since I've never handled one. When doing a Google image search most of the simular ones are for an AK. Where did you get it from? If you got this from someone you know or trust ask them. If you bought it and have no idea you could take it to a knife and gun show and I'm sure someone would know. Or you could take it to a local veterans club and ask around. You'll get a answer and I bet a lot of great storys, and you might make a few friends too. Either way thank a vet for thier service and sacrifice.
black hole (author)  RedneckEngineer6 years ago
No, I'm pretty sure it isn't an AK bayonet. Thanks for the help anyway. I might ask my uncle-he was in the army in WWII.