Can anyone identify this item?

This is an odd looking item and has no markings of any kind.  It's some type of tool.  I would like to know what it is and what it's used for. Any help would be appreciated. 

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It is a Quiche shaper.

I tried to find on the net but I can’t find one.

It is used for shaping the sides of pastry dishes like flat tray pies. It stabilizes the
sides of the pie so the sides won’t fall over.

To day you can buy Quiche pie plates.

sinchpa (author)  Josehf Murchison3 years ago

Thank you for your reply. That sounds like a logical answer, but I don't understand why no matter what we call this it can't be found anywhere on the internet.

That surprised me also.

sinchpa (author) 3 years ago
So far the 2 people I know who have this item are from England. I believe it is unique to England.
iceng3 years ago

This has been a search item for the last few days on the web.

Used Google's picture finder back to a Norwegian grandma.

to identify what we think is a Kitchen utensil my Half Norwegian
Grandma had in her kitchen X-post from /r/whatisthisthing

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sinchpa (author) 3 years ago
The person who has this item says it was in his grandmothers house and she is Scandinavian! You are onto something, Wolf996!!!
wolf9963 years ago

Looks like aluminum but, it might just be a turnip masher.

sinchpa (author)  wolf9963 years ago
That sounds like a possibility, but a search for a turnip masher didn't turn up anything similar. Thanks! Keep thinking. LOL
wolf996 sinchpa3 years ago

It could be really stylized, my family was from the Scandanivian area and might have something similar lying around, it looks really familiar.

mole13 years ago

Next guess: a tool for keeping two strands of something separated ... like maybe an untwisted section of rope?

RJM20013 years ago

How Old Does It Look?

From The 70s 80s 90s?

mole13 years ago

I'm guessing it's for crushing something without splashing by rocking over it.(maybe in a specially shaped container). Would be a good way to crush strawberries or bruise greens.

loveseo3 years ago

May be the can help you

Vyger3 years ago

Its an alien claw straightener.

iceng Vyger3 years ago

Good one !

There is a web site that tries to match a picture but I don't remember the URL.

I would say that it's some sort of culinary device for cutting dough, or maybe a stamp.