Can anyone identify this item?

It is an old foot pedal, cast iron. It has both incoming and outgoing electric cords. Both leading from the perferated round cylinder. The pedal is spring loaded and returns to the up postion after the pressure is removed. Thanks

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pogo125 years ago
Probably for a sewing machine, an early electric one. Looks like the round part may be housing one of those magnet/copper-coil, opposite-of-a-DC-motor generator things... sorry if thats what a rheostat is... Probably ratcheted too... I hope I helped, but I doubt I did, seeing as I didn't take the time to see if I was right... Oh well... Best of luck!
seandogue7 years ago
It looks to me like a foot control for a motor. The round device is possibly a rheostat housing.
.  I'm guessing it's for a sewing machine, but could be for just about anything that can be controlled with a rheostat.
I'd go with "industrial sewing machine" as a first thought.

An old one, pre-Elf-n-Safety.
.  heehee  It took me a while to figure out what "Elf-n-Safety" is. :)
.  Yeah, it doesn't look like it would meet any modern safety regulations (and the insulation has probably gotten brittle and started to flake off).
it could easily be updated as a steampunk dremel speed control :)
Or an accelerator for that steampunk electric car that somebody really needs to build.
Oh I can see it now. a cast iron "green machine" that gets 5 miles per charge. lol.
Perhaps. It was one thought I also had, but I also know that jewelers and other tradespeople use similar foot operated motor controls, so I deferred from making that specific a suggestion. it could be from any number of devices, although the sewing machine is a good guess.
And dentists too...
Definitely the first Rock Band bass pedal prototype.
Jayefuu7 years ago
It's definitely a foot powered meat grinder. Fact.