Can anyone indentify this pick for me please and what it might be used for ..??

Antique pick head found near an old goldfield.

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seandogue8 months ago

It is a pick. Some say it was used by Hillybilly Jack Johnson., a mythological western guitarist. Some say it was used by "The Man with Two Teeth" and that you probably shouldn't handle it because he had several rare and communicable oral diseases.. Some say it was a standard mining pick used for breaking up hard earth. Without an image, I'd have no real idea.

It *could also be a mattock, which has a pick on one side of the working end and an adz on the other.

can't see a pic of the pick

There's a pic of the pick here now, just one pick pic, but now I am pining for a plurality of pick pictures.

That way I'd be able to pick which pick pic is most picturesque.

I'll see your pick and raise you a hammer. Or maybe just go all in.


Barnacles56 (author) 8 months ago

Thanks for all your replies. It would certainly seem that this is a railway tool. Although I have search the internet and cant find another one similar mentioned anywhere. Thanks again.

Barnacles56 (author) 8 months ago

hmm, I keep adding a pic but it dont come

Unidentified Pick.jpg

That is not a pic.

It is a railroad hammer, there are a number of different designs.

Similar designs were used here in AU during the gold rush and even in todays times.
It offers a quick way of putting down these small tracks for the shortlived mines.
Often just out of the mine and a few meters further.
One side is to punch the nails in, the other to lift the track or sleeper.
Down here we also have a version that is thinner and allows to pull the nails back out so they can be re-used.

After the main rail ways went in many were smithed into heavy hoes.

Where about's down under do you hail from.

It wouldn't be Murchison Australia ;-)

I get a laugh out of that there is even a crater on the moon called Murchison Crater.

Small town west of Melbourne.
But nothing is named after me LOL

You getting any of that 44 C weather New South Wales is getting?

Make you a deal send me some of that and I'll send you some of the -12 C I'm getting here in Canada.

That is not a pic.

It is a railroad hammer, there are a number of different designs.

Probably used for the rails the ore carts ran on.

steveastrouk8 months ago

Looks like a "Mattock", with the broader blade and the pick proper.

iceng8 months ago

I see the pic and could use it to dislodge potatoes / potatos from a hard field.

But if there were gold nuggets in clogs I would go for the gold too.

You do understand this pick slides down a handle to wedge on the widening end and is a tool that takes muscle to use properly.

Barnacles56 (author) 8 months ago

hopefully you can see it now

Unidentified Pick.jpg
petercd8 months ago

With no pic its hard to tell if its for teeth or rocks.

Jack A Lopez8 months ago

A pick is a tool used for digging in hard ground. Soft ground can be dug with a shovel alone. For hard ground, a pick is used to sort of break up the ground and pry rocks loose, and even to break into smaller rocks, if you've got the strength for it.

After hard ground has been loosened with a pick, it can be removed with a shovel.

You said your pickhead was found near an old goldfield, so to me the, what it was used for, seems obvious. It was used for digging up the ground, for to find the gold.

I forgot some words: "large rocks". break large rocks into smaller rocks, if you've got the strength for it.

I also forgot to mention: When breaking rocks with a pick, you should wear your safety glasses, because the impact of the pick against the rock causes tiny fragments of rock to fly off, in unpredictable directions.

Yonatan248 months ago

No picture...

Its a pickax

steveastrouk8 months ago

Better post the picture....