Can anyone recommend a cheap domain name registrar?

I need a cheap, US based, registrar that won't try to sell me a bunch of other junk. Thanks

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orksecurity7 years ago


You can get cheap, or you can get someone who won't try to push other services at you. Take your pick. They're gonna make their profit somewhere, and if it isn't from you it's going to be by selling you to someone else.

(Last time I registered a domain name, I went direct to one of the major registrars. Time before that, I worked through my ISP, who were already selling me everything else I wanted.)

aeray (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
I realize that it will probably be obnoxious, I was just trying to get suggestions on the least obnoxious. Thanks.
If this is a long term domain name, just be careful.  I've had a Yahoo-provided domain for about 5 years.

Now all of the sudden they dramatically increased their pricing.  (But not for new domains)  My normal $9 domain name is currently $35!!!  Once it gets near the end of the year, I am definitely changing to another service.

I was actually thinking about getting a hosting package from them too.  Yahoo just lost a loyal customer.
aeray (author)  skittlespider7 years ago
This will be for less than a year. The price jump, extra services push, automatic re-up, etc are what I am looking to avoid.
Well, make sure not to select any kind of automatic payment option then.

Also, if you find a well priced and reliable option, please let me know.  I'm getting my site off of Yahoo later this year.  Never again...
lemonie7 years ago
You're planning on running your own server then?
I'd go for a cheap domain&hosting package, the packaging is where you get "cheap". Otherwise most people tend to be offering the same prices.
This is what NetworkSolutions prices are:


aeray (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I already have a host, I just need a different domain name.
lemonie aeray7 years ago
What will they do it for then? You'd hope they'd give you a better deal as an existing customer...

lemonie lemonie7 years ago
Or just a fair one.