Can anyone recommend some good reading material for learning electronics?

I am in need of a good book. A book on electronics for beginners. I am a visual spacial learner so I need a book with examples that I can follow along with.

Can anyone recommend a good book for me?

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rickharris5 years ago
When I was training I use this a lot

The Art of Electronics
Horowitz & Hill

It's got about everything you need in there. A lot of library's have it.
atrumblood (author) 5 years ago
whooohooo!!! I finally got my first 555 circuit to work!!!. Thanks again guys for helping me with the books :)
framistan5 years ago
I have seen some excellent tutorials on youtube. Especially ones on "how to use a digital volt meter" Wish i would have had these resources when i was young. I only had a book from the library and nobody to answer my questions!
atrumblood (author) 5 years ago
Thanks for suggestions so far guys. I also found a good one doing some searching on google

Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery
I can't find the books I started out on at this time, but here are a couple of decent tutorial sites to help you along.

electronics tutorials for newcomers learn basic electronics for free
Studying Electronics

When I find my books, I'll post their titles.

blkhawk5 years ago
I recently bought Understanding Basic Electronics and Basic Electronics. I recommend both books.
atrumblood (author)  blkhawk5 years ago
Thank you, I will check them out.
rickharris5 years ago
Look at the related list on the right - This has been asked several times before.
atrumblood (author)  rickharris5 years ago
Thank you for the suggestion, but I was hoping for something more specific to the criteria I outlined in my original question.