Can anyone show me a wiring diagram from a 1/2 hp 4 pole AC motor to a drum type reversing switch, on a old Atlaslathe?

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orksecurity7 years ago
The simplest solution, if you can't figure out how to reverse that motor, may be to replace it with a motor that *is* reversable.

(I have an old Sears drillpress which has a motor that can be reversed by swapping the connections to two terminals; I wired that to a DPDT switch so I can control the direction without having to rewire. I also have a table saw from the same period, with a motor that has about the same power, which does *not* have that feature... not that there's be much use for it on a saw, of course. Point is, some do, some don't, and if yours doesn't you might want to look for one that does.)
Re-design7 years ago
Is it even reversable?  Most ac motors are not.
Actually most ARE ! Its a question of phasing the windings correctly.

BRUSHED AC ones can be problematic, but induction motors are always reversible

I did not know that!  I've seen a few that had terminals marked to reverse rotation.  So if terminals are not marked for reverse rotation, you have to "rewire" or what?
I always thought the same - that ac motors of some types always start in a random direction - like microwave turntables or other small ones...surely theres a logic to how the coils force it to go a particular direction.

REAALLLy cheap AC motors don't start preferentially, but they often have a kick spring to push them the way they need to go.

Slighly less cheap one "shaded pole" motors have a shorted turn that shapes the magnetic field slightly so the motor starts in one dirction, at the cost of wasted heat.
There we go - otherwise it would need a smart exciter circuit to use the correct coils in the right order to begin with - like a brushless dc.
.  FWIW, the only microwave I took apart had a mechanical "toggle" that flopped around and reversed the turntable.
kelseymh7 years ago
Try a Google search.  There seem to be a lot of resources out there for Atlas lathes (two words, not one).  If you know the model number you will have a lot more success.