Can anyone tell me how to build a battery powered camping shower?

All the ones I've seen use a 4 D cell powered water pump, but I can't find the pump any where. Thanks!

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Ole bally6 years ago
Use a boating 'bilge pump' and a 12v 7 Ah battery or 2!
climbrocks7 years ago
There are lots of instructables about camping showers just search camping showers (in instructables of couse)
Wolf Seril8 years ago
If you're taking showers, its not really camping.
jeff-o8 years ago
Why do you need a battery? Just hang a jug of hot water in a tree.
mr.flhx (author)  jeff-o8 years ago
I've got one of those shower tents, and the water bag is just too heavy to hang in it, and most of all, there's not enough head room for it. I'm a tall guy.
The ones you can get use a submersible pump, but there are pumps in cars which can generate quite a bit of flow, if they are not pumping against a great pressure restriction. Screenwashers perhaps ? Steve