Can anyone tell me how to make good knex gun diagrams showing how to make the gun?

I don't have access to a camera and I can't download mlcad.( I have bad history with downloads. it's a long story) So, does anyone know how to make good diagrams?

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DJ Radio6 years ago
The only good way is to draw out your diagrams on Paint or whatnot. A more advanced and better looking way would be to find images of knex parts, and use photoshop to arrange your various photos into whatever gun you want.
mikeasaurus6 years ago
Why do you need your own camera in order to view someone elses' work posted on instructables?

There's a search option at the top of this page, type in k'nex guns and I promise there will be loads of results to fill your boots with. Many of which will have detailed instructions on how to build your own version of whichever gun you're interested in. You won't need to download anything and you don't even need your camera, just an internet browser and your own k'nex pieces (and judging by this question, you're halfway there).
I think he wants to make his own instructable, with his own pictures.
brainiac120 (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
of course.
iceng6 years ago
You have access to your avatar picture camera, so what's the real story ?

brainiac120 (author)  iceng6 years ago
I'm eleven and that picture was taken with my mom's camera.