Can be factible produce energy based in the classic "hamster wheel"?

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orksecurity7 years ago
If you can arrange for something -- the hamster -- to put mechanical energy into the wheel, it's certainly possible to extract (electrical) energy from the wheel.

Not much, of course, unless you have a large army of hamsters. And the energy is actually coming from the food you give them.

Possible, yes. Practical, not really.
Yeah, it would probably be more efficient to just burn the hamster food, LOL.
Or the hamsters.... ;-)
...beat me to that one....
I was waiting for someone to say that.  ;)

I don't think they burn very well though.  I don't recommend trying it.
Dry them first, like beef jerky.
Using the hamster food as a fuel source for heat?
kelseymh jeff-o7 years ago
Solar cooker paraboloid!  Dries and cooks 'em at the same time, with Free Energy (TM).
jeff-o kelseymh7 years ago
Now I'm getting hungry.
Not much on a Hamster, now Guinea pigs are fine eating, in Columbia I think.
Yes, I've heard that. 
Actually, my first car was powered by hamsters being chased by cats, both on treadmills. Or at least, that was about how much power it seemed to have. Eventually, either the hamsters escaped or got caught and it stopped running.
harry887 years ago
if you have a critter trail revoultion like me you could just hot glue a small dc motor in the rivet
legionlabs7 years ago
Attach a DC motor to the wheel. It will be harder to spin than before, but will generate voltage. If you rectify it, then regulate the voltage, you could probably use it to (very slowly even for a not-lazy hamster) charge your cellphone.
lemonie7 years ago