Can i Convert a 5 DIN ( MIDI Cable ) to PS/2 Port ?

Hi Guyz , 
i've tried many ways to get this done but ended up with the same result .... no connection what so ever to the computer ...
1 - i went all over the country for a MIDI to USB converter but they are all expensive and hard to find
2 - i tried making a MIDI to Serial/MIDI Port cable which exists in a sound card i have ,, also didnt work because am not so into the electronic stuff and making my own DIY electronics ...

3 - now i have an idea that came to my mind 2 days ago ... PS/2 cables are some how ( Mini Midi ) .. if i may say ..

i bought a 5 DIN to PS/2 Extension which looks like this ( )

and i bought a MIDI Cable that Looks like this 
( )

then i bought a PS/2 to USB Converter !!!!! which looks like this ..
( )

i connected the MIDI Cable to my Piano Keyboard " MIDI OUT " port and plugged the other end of the cable to the MIDI to PS/2 Extension .... then i connected the PS/2 end of the extension to the ( PS/2 to USB converter .... 

i plugged the usb end of the converter to my computer and started a software called FL STUDIO which can receive MIDI input from external devices such as midi controllers ..

the whole thing didnt work ... and i still need help on what to do with this issue and how can i convert a MIDI cable to PS/2 ..... is it possible ???
thank you in advance :) 


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REA7 years ago
if youre using this for a midi instrument youll need a one of these. sweetwater will literally ship anywhere in the world (they ship from Ft. Wayne, Indiana) and this is the cheapest midi-USB cable i could find (and free shipping!). you might need a driver for the device, but i think the cakewalk will cover that. as for the ps/2 connection, adapters for USB to PS/2 are incredibly cheap (heres one from Office Depot).
DoubleY (author)  REA7 years ago
yes i am using it for a midi instruent , the cheapest USB - MIDI converter i ever saw over the internet was the one Burf sent me ,,, its around 3$ ... 
but am still trying to make use of what i already have .. i already have a PS/2 to USB converter ,

thank you for taking the time an trying to help me sir :D
Sometimes "what you have" really isn't worth trying to use. It's theoretically possible to drive screws with a hammer, but doing that much more work and getting very inferior results is a bad combination.
orksecurity7 years ago
Midi, and the PS2 keyboard/mouse inputs, use different signalling schemes. I don't believe there is any way to simply connect them together without logic in the middle which understands how to translate one into the other.
It _should_ be possible to configure a serial port to accept the MIDI datastream. Of course that just gets you the data; doing anything with it in your computer remains your problem.
Yes, MIDI can be turned into RS232, you need a MAX 202 Chip to do it. There's no practical way of using the PS/2 ports. Steve
DoubleY (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
some sound cards have a MIDI/GamePORT that comes built in with the card and already converts midi data to computer readable data also it has its own driver for this port .. i tried to make a cable using this but am couldnt get it right since am not that good when it comes to soldering and hardware stuff ... if you meant a regular serial port that receives its input from a midi device using a MIDI to Serial cable ... i could make a program for it to convert the input data and use it with other midi softwares .. but the problem for me is the cable it self ..
Burf7 years ago
I found a midi to USB cable at Amazon for $2.75.
DoubleY (author)  Burf7 years ago
thank you sir but am looking for a way to use the stuff i have right now .. i might consider buying this if nothing else works .. thank you again :D