Can i connect an HP dvd 740 and a DVD ROM Drive TS-H352 to a Dell optiplex GX 260 or should i just junk them ?

All ideas welcome. Are there any usable parts inside?

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gmxx8 years ago
You should be able to connect them to the dell, asuming that thier is no wierd connectors, and that there is a connector on your dells mobo to connect to the drive (e.g. ide to the drive) If that doesn't work, the motors and parts inside are fun to take apart and play with.
Capt. Howdy (author)  gmxx8 years ago
I was worried about messing something up but it should be easy enough to compare the connections. Do i need any installation software or anything?
the connectors are keyed to onl go in one way, so if it doesne immediately work, check the connections. Any drivers or software that might be needed will probably be on hps website
Capt. Howdy (author)  gmxx8 years ago
Thanks for the info. I'm going to give it a try Sunday.
Good luck! and thanks for the Best Answer!
Joe Martin8 years ago
Make sure your computer not is the slim version with the laptop style cd drive (Where you press the eject button and it pops out and you pull it the rest of the way) The model you mentioned also has a tower style case and one more "slim" but these ones use your spare dvd drives. Opening a dell is very easy just make sure you have it unplugged and when it's open try not to touch the motherboard. There will be a wide thick IDE cable coming from the CD drive and on the end of the cable will be a long black plug, Just below this clamp the the cable with your fingers and pull the cable out evenly. Just be careful as it connects using lots of lovely easy to bend pins .It may need a good tug to get it out! Next will the power connector which will be a small plug with 4 wires coming from it, this also needs a good pull to get out. To get the drive out now you may find green clips so the drive simply pulls out or there will be two screws on each side, these will be a cross head. Pop the drive out, slide your one back in and follow all that backwards. Good luck
Capt. Howdy (author)  Joe Martin8 years ago
Thanks for the reply . I was going to give it a try today but i had an accident with a drill and almost put the bit through my hand. Now i have to wait until i can use my left hand. Everything is all swollen and sore.
Oh dear! I hope it goes down quickly.