Can i connect xbox 360 joystick to pc with receiver from another pc joystick?

So i have joystick that uses wireless receiver so i wonder if i can connect my xbox 360 joystick to pc through that receiver. I watched people on youtube get wireless gaming receiver and put xbox 360 wireless joystick driver into them and it works fine but thing is i dont have option to chose that driver because my devices shows up in "Human Interface Devices" in "Device Manager" but their shows up in "Other Devices" group. If i can somehow transfer my devices in "Other Devices" group i could make it work, maybe.

Blue arrow is my receiver, and red is where i want to transfere it if possible.

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The recommended solution is to buy a XBox One S controller, it uses Bluetooth to connect to Windows.

If you insist on using a 360 controller, I'd suggest you use the official Microsoft receiver.

If you are determined to use a third party wireless receiver, we'd need to know more about it (make and model) to check whether it's even possible to use it with the 360 controller.

With regards to device manager.. anything that appears in the "Other devices" group is considered a "problematic device". In the image you've posted, you have an Ethernet Controller and another Unknown device that is missing its device drivers, this is why it appears in that group with the exclamation symbol. You're barking up the wrong tree by thinking you need to somehow change where the device appears.

I would also apply caution when watching some YouTube videos that seem to suggest solutions to problems, there are many spoof and time wasting videos: i.e. drill a hole in your iPhone 7 to reveal a 3.5mm audio jack, play PS4 games on your XBox One etc. Plus, if the video you watched used a different wireless receiver to the one you have, even if theirs really did work there's no guarantee yours will.

Do none "S" controllers not use BT then ?

The XBox 360 and the XBox One use a proprietary wireless system to communicate with the controllers. When they released the S version of the XBox One they added BT to the controllers to enable them to be used with Windows (the proprietary system is still used to connect to the console).

Playstation controllers on the other hand just use BT, which is why a lot of Retro console project makers opt for the PS controller over an XBox one. Connecting an XBox controller via USB does work though!

Great. I am building a dongle to run a telescope mount with EQMOD, and want to run the controlling PC remotely with something wireless like that.


Your know how is impressive !

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I would try to make the PC Joystick work on the 360 instead...