Can i have a parts list for the K'NEX BR-18?

Yes, the BR-18. Just the BR-18. Not the 36! I REALLY want to build it, but i have no idea about parts. Two ways will be slim, and i will need your help. please try to count accurately as i will have to be cutting slim on this one. thanks NYPA

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Connectors: White 20 Yellow 65 Green 4 Red 8 Light Gray 54 Orange 8 Rods: Black / Gray 3 Yellow 20 Blue 5 White 40 Green 41 Clips: Gray 108 Blue 4 Tan 1 odds and ends: Y connectors 3 ball joint 1 blue spacers 6 I may be off by a few sorry if I am. Killer~SafeCracker
NYPA (author)  Killer~SafeCracker8 years ago
108 gray Clips?
its up there
Yes, that's what killerk told me. Plus it looks about right.
Try TR8, and build it from the photos. Wost case senario is that you dont have enough pieces. If you have a bunch left, convert it to the Tr-18.
I get really confused when looking at the turret. The pictures that people give are not enough to properly make it in the first place....
Look through the photos on KI then.
Too confusing lol.