Can i make a skimboard from styrofoam?

i wan to make a fiberglass skimboard.i have a slap of full styrofoam that i think i can use as the blank,and so on.

question is;can i use styrofoam for blanks?

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rickharris7 years ago
YES - and - no.

Unfortunately polyester resin, the most common fiberglass resin attacked styrofoam.. You would need a polyurathane foam to avoid this.

Most or all foam cores boards are clad in epoxy resin that will not attack the styrofoam.

You will need to cut the styrofoam with a hot wire cutter as it will not carve or sand well.

So with caution you can use it but with care and increased cost and effort. Styrofoam is used commercially and is often moulded to shape as a blank because of the difficulty in getting a good surface.

As a final word you could try covering the surface to protect it from the cheaper polyester resin, untried idea - possibly several coats of varnish might do the job.

fcross16 years ago
I got this information online..see if it's usable to you..With the wood-based pattern the hardest part is frequently acquiring a clear line and acquiring a fantastic form. Death Frog could possibly be attainable for guide with dimensions, and many others. — come across out further here. With foam it's basically look for some, glue in a stringer, cut out the form and flip down the rails all the way about and glass. (Glassing is the arduous part.) On wood boards, you can get absent with varnish if you consider great care of it. Just include enough coats so that you don't see wood texture on most of the board. (Three coats often works.) Okay, on to the true getting. Go to your area hardware store, somewhere that will offer you a 2' x 4' x three/8" sheet of plywood. The greater high-quality it is the extended your skimboard will very last. Don't be tight — set your hand in your pocket! Hope it'll help you make skimboards !!
mastermakoko (author) 7 years ago
but its possible right?foam core boards are hard to find around me.
Skim boards are usually really thin(like .5 cm) so I don't think your materials would be strong enough for traditional hollow design.
onrust7 years ago