Can i make a wifi Extender antenna with a pie-tin?

Kind of like the ones in the image, The Wifi Receiver is one of those USB ones, That look like a USB thumb drive, I am used to those PCI card ones XD Would it work? And has anyone done it? Because, I have one lying around...And my wifi signal is by far too weak. Thanks

zoltzerino4 years ago
It should work. One of my highly-technical, HAM, electronics, adult friend just uses a metal container (cylindrical like a pack of biscuits) with his antenna inside, pointing at his router.
ReCreate (author)  zoltzerino4 years ago
Ok, Thanks!
Re-design4 years ago
Probably. Try it. It would be better if they were tuned and bent to a specific curve to match the antenna. But those usb don't have very much antenna so most anything will help some.
ReCreate (author)  Re-design4 years ago
Thanks, Ill try it later.

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