Can i mix fiberglass with clay to make it stronger?

after a decent search, i haven't come up with much.  So, does anyone know if i can put fiberglass into clay to make it stronger after firing? or would it re-melt into a bunch of tiny glass rods with no structural integrity?

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pg13154 years ago
Only one way to find out! Try a small scale test and see how that works.
kretzlord (author)  pg13154 years ago
Thank you all for the input and encouragement. I'd have tried it out already but have no access to a kiln :( I need to get in touch with NKU to see if i can use theirs
QSDR4 years ago
would cement mixed with clay work? i read an article about 'soil cement' last night, a method of mixing the two dry and putting it into sandbags and letting moisture in the air harden it. sorry if it sounds like im getting off topic, there are numerous different ways to combine cement with other materials eg. ratios, amount of water, additives, aggregates etc.

so mabye there is a way to combine the two (clay and cement) to achieve the results you need
Burf4 years ago
Probably will not work. I can't say for certain what the glass would do imbedded in clay but since regular firing temperatures for clay is hot enough to melt silica glaze (glass) it likely would do the same to the fiberglass.
That said though, I think it would be an interesting experiment just to find out what happens.
blkhawk4 years ago
Fiberglass is fireproof and heatproof, that is why it is used for insulation in homes. Like Pg1315 suggested you could try and create an instructable about it.