Can i modify a 14inch lcd computer moniter to work in my car?

I have two broken roof mounted car lcd moniters with av inputs and a 14inch computer lcd.................

I wanted to know if could modify the 14inch computer lcd moniter, using parts from the two broken lcds, so that it can be used in my car?

You would need a converter box that can take the video input from the AV of the car and convert it over to VGA or DVI so the monitor can use it. Something like this.
Nabarder (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
The thought has crossed my mind about a convertor box but Thank you for your suggestion. However what i really wanted to know is could i use the ciruit boards of the two car lcds? i am sure there is nothing wrong with them.

I have tested them and they still work perfectly but the displays are busted.............
Unless you have a degree in electrical engineering you wouldn't be able to integrate the Component video inputs of the smaller screens into the larger screen. The Larger screen needs more hardware then what the smaller screens can provide to take the Component video signal and convert it to a signal the larger screen can use. This is why the converter box cost so much. There is a good bit of hardware needed to make that conversion.
Vyger5 years ago
There could be legal questions involved in putting a display that large in a car. It may be required to be mounted in such a way that the driver cannot see it. I know there are restrictions on the DVD players that they mount in cars. It is a safety issue.