Can i put potting mix or dirt of soil in water forming a slurry and use it as hydroponics nutrient solution?

I recently saw videos on hydroponics and wanted to set it up my self on a budget, 0$, just as an experiment i cut the cone top of a small mineral water bottle put it upside down like a diy minnow trap and used tissue as substitute for rock wool, filled bottom with water till it just touched the tissue, then plopped a bean in it. I then forgot after putting it behind a fish tank. After 3 days it looks like this. I need nutrient in water so i was thinking about just dumping a palm full of soil, would it work?

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Downunder35m8 months ago

There is a reason why hydroponics usully work in a more or less sterile enviroment, same for nutrients in dry or liquid form that are specialised for the type of plant(s) you try to grow...
How would you know if there is anything good in your soil and what do you think how long it takes to fill your bottle up with dirt?

Not actually true - we do hydroponics outdoors. Nutrients are pretty generic, there are supplements for some crops though, like additional silicon for stem growth in tomatoes.

+1. Good point.

steveastrouk8 months ago

Not only do you need nutrient in the water, you need LOTS of oxygen too, that's why all techniques emphasise bubbling air into the nutrient solution.

seandogue8 months ago

Effectively pumping a slurry is not a simple matter, and effluents left to dry for any period can eventually lead to blockage in the feed pipe/hoses and pump...

rickharris8 months ago

Probably not - The nutrients would have to leech out of the compost into the water to be take up by the plants, I imagine the concentration might be too low.

Try it is perhaps the best way to find out.