Can i reuse an phone display?

Can i reuse an huawei P8 lite's display for my arduino?If so can anyone help me

karolinka7774 months ago

You must find driver and controller

iceng5 months ago

The people who could help are under contract..

Are you good with conking your noggin against a brick wall for a month... Its just a hard obvious puzzle..

You do need to be machine language programmer..

I personally do not go into that kind of pain without a big reward on the horizon !

Downunder35m5 months ago

I would simply say no as the display without driver board is pretty much useless.
And even if you can get a suitable driver board then I would say a standard 8bit Arduino won't have the power to use a high res display with proper refresh rates.
Just check what is already required to use a 800x600 pixel display with an arduino, especially if you want full color and graphics....

rickharris5 months ago

If you can find a driver for it - probably.