Can i use D44H11 in place of D45H11 and 2N3906 in place of 2N3904 transistor ?

iceng9 months ago

Everyone is trying to tell you that a PNP is activated by drawing current out of the BASE connection and an NPN is activated by injecting current into the Base connection.

D44H11 is a NPN transistor and D45H11 is a PNP transistor

2N3904 is an NPN transistor and a 2N3906 is a PNP transistor so no they are not interchangeable.

They are called complementary transistors. That means you can make a half bridge or a full bridge push pull circuit.

Some people like the term H bridge.

steveastrouk9 months ago

No, the 45H11 is PNP, the 44H11 is NPN ! Same for the 3906 and the 3904. And it MATTERS.

petercd9 months ago

Google will have told you that the 3906 is a pnp and the 3904 a npn...what do you think?