Can i use c41 Film in a 35 mm camera?? and if not is there a way to mod the film to use in a 35mm camera?

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lemonie7 years ago
What is c41? Can you point to a specification, I can't find one...

stephenniall (author)  lemonie7 years ago
It was some kodak B & W film i was going to buy as Im Upgrading from digital to Film for my landscape shots ! i didnt win the auction though so its more of a answered question now
 Just remember not to shoot anywhere as near as much as people do with digital, or it'll get expensive fast.
stephenniall (author)  JPphoto877 years ago
Thats one of the reason i styill have my dslr !

I suppose its  about the same espense as my other hobbys!
C-41 is the title given to the chemistry required to process the film.  This has nothing to do with the physical make up of the film itself.  A B&W c-41 film only means that when it is taken into the lab for processing, it is processed in the same chemistry that you normally process the regular color film.
Yeah i figured tht I was reading about the Film and it seems it is 35 mm its just the first thing i read was c-41 and i expected tht to be a type of film
Re-design7 years ago
C41 is a process.  It is the way the film is designed and the process to develope the image.  If the film is sized for a35 mm camera then it will work just fine. 

If it is another size then you are out of luck unless you can slit the film and put sprocket holes in it.  Most 35 mm cameras use the sprocket holes to stop the film in the right spot and cock the shutter release, not the shutter itself but the release that keeps you from making a double exposure on the same frame of film.  In other words you won't be able to release the shutter without the sprocket holes since there will be nothing to turn the toothed gear.

There were a couple of cameras that did not use the sprocket holes so it would work for those.