Can indooor-outdoor carpet be used as underlay for wood or engineered flooring?

Can I successfully lay flooring —wood or "floating" floor— over already-installed indoor-outdoor carpet? The carpet has virtually no- pile, and I thought it would be a good insulator in lieu of underlay.  If this is a terrible idea...please don't mince words...I can take it!
(I'm just working on "no-budget-reno" and the carpet looks as good or better than any underlay I've seen— plus it's already installed! : ) Thanks for any advice anyone may have.

Lucyfurr (author) 7 years ago
aeray, rickharris, Re-design,
thank you all for taking the time to weigh in on this...
I really appreciate your input!
aeray7 years ago
"engineered" floating flooring = probably. The flooring will probably be worn out before the carpet under it is. If the carpet is glued down, good. If it installed with tack strips, the strips will cause lumps in the floor and may need to be removed. Real wood floor = No.
rickharris7 years ago
I guess so if it is flat enough. i have laid 4 or 5 engineered floors and always used the felt type underlay which is not a lot different to low pile carpet. Something to consider is the carpet backing - if it is foam it may well break down over time to change the floor seating or height. you may not want to take the floor up in a year or 2!!
I agree and it may not break down at the same rate all over the floor surface causing low spots that will be noticeable when you walk over them.