Can mirror tiles be painted?

I would like to paint the mirror back splash in the kitchen of the flat I'm renting. Is there a way to make it look good and not cheesy?


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KarenS2201 year ago

i have 2 mirror tile mosaic photo frames does anyone know how or what to paint over to change the colour please

Vyger5 years ago
If your renting you better get the approval of the owner. They may view your work in a negative light.

Any lacquer base spray paint will coat glass but it may come off easily when cleaned.

Get an apron with mirror reversed writing so it can be read in the reflection, that way you won't look backward in your reflection.
Vyger Vyger5 years ago
Just another thought. You can buy mirrors with decoration and or writing on them. That is often a type of ceramic paint that is baked on to become part of the glass, much like glazing a clay pot. If you try and apply a lot of heat to the glass that is in place it is likely to crack due to the pressures created from unequal expansion.

A cheap and effective solution has often been to get vinyl contact paper. Its that stuff with the peel off backing. And as another plus, it can be removed when its time for you to move on so the landlord will not have anything to complain about.
+1 Go with the vinyl decorations. If you thoroughly clean the mirror tiles and then apply the vinyl it will adhere for as long as you'd like. Then when you move it takes only minutes to remove.
mh76dk5 years ago
There are also paints/stickers for decorating windows (esp. holiday related themes) - think snow spraypaint and the like (yes, snow might be a bit cheesy but its the best example i could come up with).

As someone else mentions, if its a rental, ask for permission. or use non-permanent window stickers (seems the word "decals" are used for these too) - that way you can also change it easilly if you feel like it

Burf5 years ago
Sure, the only concern is that the paint is not very durable because it doesn't penetrate and is easily scraped and worn off. There are some paints made specifically for glass that claim to be more durable, but I have no first hand knowledge of any particular brands or types.