Can parents read their child's cellular text messages online with the AT&T FamilyTalk plan?

Can parents read their child's cellular text messages online with the AT&T FamilyTalk Plan? Cuz my mom is trying to do that and im not doin anything wrong, its just that my sister steals my phone alot and im kinda freaked about most of the stuff she says cuz my mom will think its me who says it. so is that really possible or not???

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That wouldn't work, though you could use almost any synch utility to purge the messages on to the computer, though it'd be rather obvious.

Really though as a suggestion read 'hold tight' by harlan Coben...

Really reading their texts messages can be a dead end, I'm not a parent myself but have been caught out with text messages in the past, nothing too bad but basically when it comes down to it you can't catch them out without admitting spying on them and that argument doesn't go down well, at about fourteen my mum went through my texts and the resulting argument damaged trust between us for years, mainly because she'd misread the subject matter it was amplified, since both parties thought the other was in the wrong.

Honestly, it's a tricky balance but knowing your kid's tricking you and not being able to do anything may well be worse than not knowing and catching them after the fact, sounds bad but my mum's tried all three tacts, me being the eldest, the youngest being known of the most and stopped the least...

As for the sneaky bit if you really want to, get their phone, set to save texts to sim and dump the sim to a reader every other night (SIM's only hold about 150 messages so it would have to be frequently dumped)

One warning, if they catch on the phone bill goes up, like mine did, since a call can be recorded but not half as subtly...

Hope that's some food for thought...
grettabibi1 year ago

Oh dear. Talk with your sister and with mom. Explain your feelings about the mother’s distrust of you. Explain that you need some privacy. Because your parents have a legal right to monitor all your messages and other mobile activities till you’re 18. You can read about it here for example. It's impossible to do with the AT&T FamilyTalk Plan, they only can see the numbers you called or texted when they get the phone bills. But there're many spying apps, which your mom can use.

DylanR182 years ago

I have att and they olny keep the numbers they don't keep the messages

 Absolutely without a doubt NO.  The way text messages work is they are relayed from one cell phone to another.  They are not input into the network as data, like an internet connection.  As soon as the are received, all data from the relaying cell tower is purged (deleted).  I used to work for a police department and it was frustrating because it was impossible to intercept a text message after it was sent, which would be used for incriminating bad guys.
hannah16 (author)  firebird9820028 years ago
so your saying that my parents CANNOT get on the internet and look my messages up?
acidbass8 years ago
LOL tell your sister that your mom can read the messages that will scare her
lemonie8 years ago
See their page:
AT and T FamilyTalk
It doesn't mention it, and I wouldn't think they would for privacy reasons.


Re-design8 years ago
I don't think AT&T keeps the text of the messages.  But there is a copy in your phone unless you delete it.

Your parents do get a listing of all calls made showing the numbers called and the time of day.  Also a list of who called you.

There is software that is very cheap and easy to install that will copy all text messages as you send them and receive them to a file on a website that you parents will have access to.  The fee for this service is only $10 per month.

AT&T also offers a service that will tell you parents what the location of the phone is if it is turned on.  I believe that they can have it call notify them if the phone leaves a certain area.
seandogue8 years ago
Most likely they can. Parental rights trump those of a minor.