Can pictures and text be interspersed in a single step?

Most Instructables have either a single image or a collection of images in one place in a step, but I don't remember seeing one where text and images are interspersed in a single step. I can see why looking at the "How to Use the Instructable Editor" page, but is it possible to do through some mechanism?

BossyRangs8 months ago

Hi robertbu, it's certainly possible to mix photos with text. It's explained in this I'ble:

I use it all the time when a step has more than 6 photos. That way, people don't have to click to see more. In short, click on the </> symbol in the editor to reveal the HTML code. Then type:

<img src="URL"/>

where you replace URL with the actual URL of the photo. If you already uploaded to Instructables, this should be easy. Just right-click a thumbnail in the editor and choose "copy link". Default image size is large, so I usually replace the "LARGE" text in the URL with "MEDIUM", because that size works better when embedded.

Hope this helps.

Yup! Exactly what I was going to say. :)

robertbu (author)  BossyRangs8 months ago

This is exactly what I'm looking for, but one of the comments in the instructable you pointed me towards has me worried. It says, "It is a Premium feature ;-)." I thought I read someone else that doing any direct HTML was a Premium feature. Any idea?

Hmm, that might be true. I've always had a pro membership since my first featured I'ble. I sent you a code for a 3 month membership. Good luck!