Can solar powered calculators charge a phone?

I was just wondering because if this is possible I want to know how to do it.
I can get a lot of solar powered calculators....They're cheap.

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No way. Unless you have a few hundred
I'll be raiding the dollar store shortly then.
Correction: "I'll be raiding every dollar store in a hundred mile radius" I can charge a phone in a week or two.
Hell yeah man.
tylervitale5 years ago
I remember looking into this myself, replacing the cellphone with a GPS.
I took a measurement on my GPS when it was charging and found it to draw around 350 mA. Most cheap calculators only draw a few mA IF THAT. So in short, the answer is no. Not unless you get a REALLY large amount of solar panels.
Those calcs use the cheapest of the cheap solar panels in them. If it takes a single large solar panel about the size of a 8.5" x 11" piece of paper to charge a phone it will take a panel of those cheap cells 3 or 4 time that big to do the job. Those calc only draw micro amps. It would take quite a few of them to be able to output the 250mA to 500mA needed to charge a phone.