Can some one create for me the plans to make this table from crate and barrel?

the table can be viewed at...

Picture of Can some one create for me the plans to make this table from crate and barrel?
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rickharris6 years ago
The design is a classic gate legged table. See drawing.
What drawing?
I removed it once the Op had a copy. I am running out of picture room.
desya (author)  rickharris6 years ago
cool thanks ... now I can get right on that
The basics have already been done, as you have shown in your Crate and Barrel picture. Ikea has one you can look at also, the Norden/Nordmayra table. Plans that are similar have been published by Popular Mechanics, just make the leaves squared off instead of round.

The search I used was double drop leaf mission table plans at Google.

Someone used to sell this type of table with 4 foldalbe chairs that stored underneath, but I cannot remember who/what store that was.

While we're at it, try MLCSWoodworking's plan. Found this doing a search for gateleg table plan at Google, also. Again, square off the leaves.

orksecurity6 years ago
"Crate and Barrel" is a brand name. Some of their early products were very simple, unadorned designs, and I believe that's where the name came from.

Yes, Crate and Barrel is a brand name. They also have stores and a website.

orksecurity6 years ago
Yes, someone can. You probably can do so yourself, if you look at the photo and think about how it has to operate. The two leg frames have to be hinged at the center post so they can swing in and out. The notch in the base plate allows the leg to be folded fully in despite the foot at its end. The two table panels have to be the same dimension as the central frame, minus the thickness of the base plate (minus a bit for clearance) so they can be hinged to fold down. The material appears to be melamine over Medium Density Fiberboard, though I suspect the leg frames might be something stronger.

The only tricky bit -- outside of getting sizes right and being careful to make sure everything lines up cleanly -- might be the joinery of the leg frames. Which is one reason I suggest they might be something other than MDF.

If you've done any woodworking, getting something which looks more-or-less like this shouldn't be difficult. If you haven't, I don't think I'd recommend this as your first unassisted project.