Can some one identify this Capacitor and tell me the use of such capacitors?


The Diagram shows a capacitor (orange-brown color) which reads 1.1k and 250V
now it does not make sense that its value is 1.1kF . some people say that it may be 1.1k x 1pF = 1.1nF . but if its like this then why not just write 1.1nF.

and what is the type of the capacitor i guess it is metalized poly-propylene film capacitor is this true ?

also that what is the application of such types of capacitors like electrolytic are used generally in power supplies etc?

Picture of Can some one identify this Capacitor and tell me the use of such capacitors?
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usbg3rd (author) 5 years ago
All Right people Thanks to iceng i got the answer .it is

if a cap has a code 224k600V 9644

Manufacturer Coding:
224= capacitance in pico farads - first two digits are significant digits, third digit is the number of digits that follow (i.e: 22 + 0000 = 220,000pF = 0.22µF in this case)
K = tolerance,
F = ±1%, J = ±5%, K = ±10%, etc.
600V = voltage rating (600 volts in this case)
9644 = date code (44th week of 1996 in this case)
usbg3rd (author)  usbg3rd5 years ago
here is the link if u want to calculate one or see in detail
and one thing more it is actually Orange drop capacitor
iceng5 years ago
I don't believe that it is a poly-propylene cap
Poly-propylene caps are much lower voltage and very stable units.
And different construction from what is seen here...

This is a plain orange drop film capacitor.

I never did comprehend the value markings and prefer to measure the
capacitance value myself before using the component.

iceng iceng5 years ago
Poly-propylene caps are used in timing critical applications where stable cap
value is essential like ADConversion.

An orange drop film capacitor is more stable then a disc capacitor and
finds use in snubbing circuits used to reduce the rate of voltage rise per time
that a Triac, SCR or four layer diode would not want to experience failure...

Switching inverters / converters also like to use plain film capacitors..

It might be a suppressor too, in which case its a cap and resistor in series.

The notation is standard.