Can somebody identify this plant?

This plant popped up about 18 months ago or so...its approx. 24" tall. With berries!

Picture of Can somebody identify this plant?
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pippa58 years ago
are they green berries? it may be "spurge laurel a type of wild daphne
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malynn76 (author)  pippa58 years ago
omg! pippa5, that's it! Thank you! Now I just have to decide whether or not i should keep it, eh?
pippa5 malynn768 years ago
Glad to be of help . Spurge Laurel is becoming rarer in the wild nr me Devon uk it is growing in a nature reserve which is managed to encourage it. Pot it up and give it to someone who would like it. Has green flowers jan/feb.
malynn76 (author)  pippa58 years ago
The berries are black right now...I did not notice, but maybe they started out green. Thanks for the answer. I'll look up spurge laurel.
Gorfram8 years ago
It looks like a rhodendendron to me, but I don't think Rhodies do berries....
Jayefuu Gorfram8 years ago
Hmmmm. Doesn't look shiney or veiny enough to me to be a rhodie. And you're right, they don't do berries. @malynn: It might help people if they knew where you're from to rule out some plants
malynn76 (author)  Jayefuu8 years ago
I am in Seattle. The mystery plant popped up beneath a tree.