Can somebody name all the components I would need in this tutorial please?

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janisalnis5 years ago
Hi! Great to see that there is so much activity about PIR triggered camera.
I guess it is good project for a beginner, just you need to google and find the right examples.
What is the goal? Can it be operated from net or needs to be battery powered. When should projet be finished?
In which country you are and from what supplier buy components?

My first externally trigger camera:

But now I like arduino much more. I would suggest to buy not just arduino chip but the Arduino board. Without board do not know how to programm the chip.

You can later remove chip and put it in a socket of your own board, but it is only for sake of miniaturisation. You should get everything running first on a breadboard and not care about miniaturisation and miniaturise afterwards. Breadboard example is here

Arduino PIR camera google results:
This example uses optocoplers. Relays would be OK too. Relays look like this, just instead of 12 V in the Conrad picture should be 5V
dougage78 (author)  janisalnis5 years ago
Ok I have programmed the arduino. Sorry another question? The first image of the PDF you provided with the tutorial shows a silver box or casing with wires com in out. Do you mind if I ask what this is please?
The silver box is a LiPo cell. 4 x 4000 mAh in parallel, so voltage stays 4V, but capacity increases. I just had LiPo cells around from model plane.
dougage78 (author)  janisalnis5 years ago
Janisalnis thanks again for your reply. I am definitely growing in confidence and preparing to start making this camera. The links you have provided have all helped.
Thanks again
dougage78 (author)  janisalnis5 years ago
Hi thanks for replying you have been really helpful. I have time to get this up and running its just knowing where to start and learning how. To my knowledge I have all the components I need. I know need to start to read up and start with the project. A picture step by step tutorial would be fantastic showing me where the wires go and connect)). For instance this shows how much knowledge I have, do i solder the wire to the power on switch take picture buttons of the camera?
Sorry I am a total novice!
Thanks for your response and I will check out the links you provided. Thanks
I hyave no detailed pictures for tutorial, sorry.
you can look where to solder wires to buttons here.
I look that he uses one more method CD4066 chip instead of optocouplers, or relays. From every project can learn something new.

Use multimeter (ohmmeter) to check which pins of the button short when it is pressed.

I use thin enamel wire to solder to the buttons. The enamel will burn if you heat the end of wire for some 5...10s with a soldering iron and solder. Afterwards it can be soldered.
Normal wire will be also fine, but harder to close camera plastic enclosure.

dougage78 (author)  janisalnis5 years ago
Also it could be operated by battery. Can i ask what you mean by 'net' as in internet? If so that would be a great option. I have an arduino duemilanove. So when you say to 'program the chip' are you referring to
janisalnis5 years ago
Hi Dougage!

In Arduino development package that you can download from Arduino website there are many examples. I would reccomend you to go throug them.
First example you should try is called Blink. And it blinks the LED on Arduino board. After you try some examples will become easier to understand how it works.

My code
puts Arduino into sleep mode and wakes up after interrupt.
If you operate from power supply than it would not be necessary to put Arduino to sleep. And trhe code would be much easier.
I was meaning power net not internet.
dougage78 (author) 5 years ago
Listen guys, you are all fantastic for helping me out. Really appreciate it. I guess with a bit more research i will be ready to go. The only thing is from the images that are provided i find it hard to know what component part is and how it connects but I'm wiling to give it a go. One more question. Do i need to solder the wire to the power on and take picture buttons? As you can guess I'm a total novice)
Thanks again
astroboy9075 years ago
Hey sorry, I saw your last question but havnt gotten around to posting anything yet.

Unless you go with andy70707's idea (which sounds marvelous btw), you should need:

1x atmega 328

1x 16.000mhz crystal

1x battery or power supply of some sort, preferably 4.5v or higher

1x 5v relay (not as per the regular instructable but this does the same thing, with probably better results)

probably would help to get a couple 2N3904 transistors too :)

camera of choice (will be taken apart)

wire, soldering tools, etc
andy707075 years ago
Yea, that circuit can be almost completely eliminated. You don't need a microcontroller to do that. I have one of the PIR modules, so all you should need is a transistor and maybe a resistor or two. I did a similar thing with one of those PIR modules, a single 2N3904 transistor, and a sound playback module (with the transistor across the play button). I'm sure the same principle could be applied to the camera by connecting the transistor to the capture button.
dougage78 (author) 5 years ago
Ok please note that I am a beginner and total novice and thanks). I think personally that this would be too much for me. The only thing is that this would be perfect for my uni project which involves people, movement and urban space. Ok I have an arduino duemilanove, pir sensor, keychain camera, 16 mhz quartz crystal,
wires, 5mm LEDs, pcb board, p2n2222ag transistors, male headers. Firstly I have not got a clue where to start as i am trying to research, learn and i have never undertaken such a task but I willing to learn and try. Also I would need a chip holder for the arduino chip? Do you have any advice other than not to go ahead with this)????
Looking at the circuit, it could actually be simplified, but I'd go with what you've got already. What else do you need to know ? Use a socket for the chip is a very safe idea - you can test some of your circuit without destroying your expensive bit this way.

What have you got so far ?