Can someone advise how to measure output from a bike generator/dynamo ?

This is the type that clamps onto the seat stay and is meant to rub the tire for the generating action. It's labeled 12V, 6W, Made in Japan. Two terminals, H and T. I've hooked it up to a meter and the only setting that gives me any sort of reading is AC volts with either H or T and to what I assume would be chassis ground. That gives me between 3.7 and 4 volts when I spin the unit with a cordless drill. Is this thing functional or not? And what would be proper wiring connections for it? Many thanks!

Dr.Bill8 years ago
they produce ac. hook-up the meter and go for a ride.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. I'm guessing that H = headlight and T = taillight. They may be connected together internally.
. The drill may not be spinning the generator as fast as a tire will.
. Find a 4-10 W @ 3-6 V bulb and see if you can make it light with the drill. Connect to H or T (shouldn't matter which) and the generator case (ground).