Can someone give me a parts list for the Sr-v2?

There is a tiny ( like 5%) chance that i and many other knexers would be able to build the mighty Sr-v2. Can i have a parts list?

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cool bas38 years ago
4x yellow 61x blue 288x green 244x white 6x black/strong ones connectors: 8x light grey 11x orange the big one yes 335x yellow WOW 4x dark grey 10x y connector 2x purple 3d connector 2x blue hinge 2x black hinge 3x blue 3d connector 3x black ball joint 1x gold splice 7x red connector here its the part list of sr-v1 this needs you then approximately the part list is not maked by me its maked by Oldsmobilefreak
NYPA (author)  cool bas38 years ago
Well darn it! i have everything except the green rods and yellow connectors!
cool bas3 NYPA8 years ago
its the part list from the sr-v1
NYPA (author)  cool bas38 years ago
does that mean the sr-v2 uses less?
cool bas38 years ago
the sr-v2 use a little bit more
the SR V2 uses less
it uses like 200 yellow connectors
and some less green rods
and less white rods
and no black rods.
yes i know
By the way it's not maked by me. It's made by me.
You said "here its the part list of sr-v1 this needs you then approximately the part list is not maked by me not its maked by Oldsmobilefreak" I was just saying the correct grammar is made by Oldsmobilefreak, not maked by Oldsmobilefreak
sorry i dont good spreak engelish
That's ok.
DJ Radio8 years ago
You need at least 3 million Yellow connectors and 6 billion green connectors.
NYPA (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
will 72 cut it? =(
DJ Radio NYPA8 years ago
Maybe. But if you want decent performance, you need millions
So true. The longer the gun the better the distance.
for sling guns only. Ram guns dont matter
Lowney DJ Radio8 years ago
Well it does with rams in the sense that you can stretch the bands further
Come on man I know that.
I doubt it
You mean green rods??
The SR-v2 can be made any size so there is no set number.
NYPA (author)  Killer~SafeCracker8 years ago
I mean the default one. The one shown.
There is none shown