Does anyone know if it is possible to revive an automobile jumpstart jumpbox?

I'm constantly having car battery problems so I've purchased a Coleman Powermate Jumpstart system box. It was pretty pricey. It now has gone dead (won't charge) and i was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to revive it . I have seen a few instructables about reviving batteries so i'm wondering if it can be revived. Thanx!

A lead acid battery has, you guessed it, lead and acid inside to make the cells. Sometimes the acid will dry up, weakening the battery. If you are willing to open it up (of course you are, we're on Instructables!) then the battery *might* have a removable top on it. If so, it will look like a rectangular piece of plastic put into a hole. It is glued down, so you'll need to work it a bit with a thin flat screwdriver or kitchen knife to get it off. If you've gotten this far, you should see about 8 little rubber caps. Underneath these is the acid. You can take a dropper (or thin straw) and fill them up with water. You should use distilled, but I've had good results with regular tap water. Only fill them until you can see the water at the bottom of the "neck," and put the cap back on. Put it back on the charger, and once it has gone for it's specified amount of time (or the status indicator says it's done, about 13 volts) try jumping your car. If it fails miserably, your battery is gone. If it works, Hey Presto! You just revived your jump box for a while longer.
frollard8 years ago
Someone asked this a few weeks ago. Those revive instructables are for ni-cad batteries. The battery in your jump box is a lead acid. There are 2 possible problems. The charger circuit in it is toast, in which case you're kinda screwed - and likely need coleman to repair it The battery itself may be removable, and replaceable. Try to take it out and bring it to a battery shop - they can test and tell you if it needs replacement. If it is good, then the circuitry is bad. If its bad, a new ones is likely cheap.