Can someone help me to identify an unusual type of pliers?

I have been lent an unusual type of pliers, which I have found to be very handy to work with wire chains, but I would like to buy myself a pair, but have no idea what to search for.

If anyone has any ideas to what these are called that would be brilliant!

Picture of Can someone help me to identify an unusual type of pliers?
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ChrisM590 (author) 18 days ago

Hi All,

Thank you very much for all the answers! It's so cool that there are so many helpful people out there!

I have found something very similar in terms of the shape of the 'head or claw' end of the 'Pliers'. These can be found on 'Tyre Chain Repair Pliers'

There is an image in the below link for reference;


Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 14.09.52.png

nice. That would make sense as they don't look sharp. I wouldn't of guessed that as i'm used to seeing those type of pliers with 3 foot handles on them for heavy truck tire chains and I think they also have the jaws to crimp them closed once you inserted a cross chain.

petercd18 days ago

Here's the link to the page that owns that image:


I have to admit, it does kind of look like the pliers in OP's picture.

ChrisM590 (author)  Jack A Lopez17 days ago
Hi Guys,

Yes those do look similar, however I think I have found the kind of Plier they are, after a fair bit of search I came across these;


They are 'Tyre Chain Repair Pliers' and seem to have the same shape (roughly) of what the ones, I was borrowing have.

Many thank for the replys :)
iceng18 days ago

Horse hoof, pony hoof, goat hoof ... um you get the idea..

If horses and other farm stock including cows do not run free, their nails grow and without a farrier's quarterly shooing and trim service the animals will go lame.

Vyger18 days ago

They look similar to the pliers I have seen horseshoers use to remove the old shoes from the horse hoves

rickharris18 days ago

Fencing pliers I would think although they are slightly different to modern fencing pliers see images. (click for full size)