Can someone help me with an intercom system ?

I am disabled and mostly bed ridden and I need to learn how to build an intercom, one for outside the entry door and one by my bed so I can communicate with them before I have to get up and unlock the door. Can someone please show me how to put one together on the cheap. Thank you

madrasi (author) 8 years ago
Thanks too both of you, that gives me better options to go on so I apppreceate your time and brain work.
I've built a few, but to be honest it's much cheaper to buy one. All of my "cheapies" turned out fine, but sounded terrible or burned out after a while. You just can't scrimp on components... and good components aren't cheap. Like I said, best to buy. Check your hardware stores, Walmart, electronics stores, and any retailer that might sell doorbells (a lot of doorbell makers make intercoms too).
frollard8 years ago
There are plenty of wireless intercoms that use the free 900mhz spectrum (like a cordless phone). I use one and its great for house-garage. There are others designed for in-wall installation. These can be found on ebay or other online stores for cheap. There are circuits you can build - without any previous electronics/soldering experience they're not of much use.