Can someone please help me identify this old relic?

I found this old relic while metal detecting near an old 1800's ghost town.  It is 8" in length.  You'll notice that one end has 2 parts that look like a "t" or a cross.  One of these "crosses" has the ability to swivel back and forth about 180 degrees.  The other "cross" is stationary and doesn't move or swivel at all.  If anyone knows what this could be, I'd appreciate the feedback.


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seandogue3 years ago

It has the look of something that might be used with wrought iron fencing. Perhaps a gate latch of some sort?

iceng seandogue3 years ago

good 1+

I agree kiteman, definitely some sort of tool designed for a fireplace

Kiteman3 years ago

It looks like a "fire dog" to me - there'd be two, slotted into holes in the hearth, with an iron bar across between them.

They stopped logs slipping out of fires, and provided a place to rest irons etc.

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Vyger3 years ago

Its for holding your rifle steady,

No doubt it had a lot of uses right up until the time somebody lost it.

Chances are good that it is a part of something else, a wagon part, farm implement, possibilities are numerous.

and I am not an old relic even though I could possible be found hanging around ghost towns.

DavidU1 (author)  Vyger3 years ago
Thank you. I appreciate it.

Vyger DavidU13 years ago

See if you can find what the pins look like that hold together wagon tongues. Like I said it looks like an old wagon part.

iceng3 years ago

A rusty sheep testi remover, although that rivet or axial rod suggest a rotary spin mass shifting device that could be some sort of fruit macerating pit removal machine part.

Burf3 years ago

It resembles a vintage lightening rod I saw that was on a neighbor's barn many years ago.

DavidU1 (author)  Burf3 years ago
Thanks for the information. I appreciate it. I haven't been able to find any vintage lightning rod pics that resemble closely what I found but I will definitely keep looking.