Can someone please tell me what this plant is?

I found this plant at my local fairgrounds about a year ago and I pointed it out to a friend who also worked at said fair and he said that it looked a little like pot and I certainly agree with him but I find it hard to believe that since it was out in the open and there were cops walking around too, so what in the heck is this?

Picture of Can someone please tell me what this plant is?
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jimc45677 years ago
It looks like a Cleome:
anres3217 years ago
it looks a lot like this,
in dutch (belgium) it is called 'WONDER BOOM' but I don't know the name in English, wonder boom means wonder tree, it is not a tree but it grows very fast !
it is not cannabis.
BobS7 years ago
Cleome spinosa, an annual garden plant
Jayefuu7 years ago
I like jimc4567's suggestion. But it _could_ be a variety of hemp. The kind for making cloth and using the fibre, not the smoking kind. The seeds are often used in bird feed so it could have gotten there that way. That might help refine your search
I certainly wouldn't have any idea what a pot plant might look like....
Re-design7 years ago
Well, it's not pot. The leaves are too smooth on the edges. And the plant stems are too hairy. I've never seen that color pod on top, but then my experience with pot plants if very limited.

Most likely that's a volunteer flower plant.  The seed got mixed up with some of the other plant seeds and got planted in the wrong spot.  That tall a plant is definately out of place amoung the short plants.

Google "plant identification" and see if you can figure out what it is.
Kiteman7 years ago
Where is it? (Country, state, general habitat)