Can the microscope eyepiece be used for telescope eyepiece?

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arpruss7 years ago
As long as you can fit one in the other with some sort of adapter to fit the different tube size, you can do it. I've had excellent views in our Spenser microscope with my telescope eyepiece simply held on top of the microscope eyepiece tube. It would be nice to make an adapter, though.
atsc7 years ago
 Yes, you can also try a 35mm film canister (end cut off) if your eyepiece has a 30mm barrel (they commonly come in a couple of sizes) as a spacer if you have a 1.25" eyepiece holder on your scope. Some film cans will allow a perfect fit. There are some very high quality eyepieces available from zeiss and others too. 
Prfesser8 years ago
A qualified "yes". Both kinds of eyepieces merely magnify an image formed by the objective. A microscope eyepiece that says "10x" is equivalent to a 1" focal length, 20X = 1/2", and so on.<br /> <br /> However: first, you'll need an adapter. Depending on the telescope, the eyepiece holder is typically 0.965" or 1.25" o.d. Microscope eyepieces are 0.917" o.d.<br /> <br /> Second, many microscope eyepieces are of the Huygens design. Good for microscopes but too much spherical aberration for a telescope, and usually have a small field of view. A telescope works best with an achromatic eyepiece that has a wider, flat field such as a Kellner, orthoscopic, Erfle, Plossl, etc.<br /> <br /> If you have the telescope and the microscope, a trial would be in order. Cut a strip of paper or thin cardboard to fit tightly around the eyepiece, then build it up carefully with masking tape to the i.d. of the telescope focuser. Stick it in and give it a try.<br /> <br /> Prfesser<br />
seandogue8 years ago
Maybe, if the focal length for the microscope eyepiece is the same as that of the telescope eyepiece.
acidbass8 years ago
you should be able to
Re-design8 years ago
I have both and have never tried to mix them.  If you don't get a better answer by tonight I'll see if they switch.

But I know that there are several people who frequent this site who probably know this already and will answer soon.